Monday Links and Bullets 5.2.11

Off we go.  This week’s links:


–Believers serious about sharing their faith should take five minutes and listen to this.  It ain’t gonna be the link of the week if it ain’t any good (and no grammar police needed, thank you).


This is about humility.  Read quickly and think long!

Good thoughts about retirement.

Nice worship hymn you might not know.


–This is a good blog about the Indians.


Pride, prejudice, and pornography.

Lock your wireless internet.  Seriously!

Better ways than prison.

–Sweet. A new roadrunner video.  Very impressed!

A friend of mine got the lead story in the Beacon Journal on Easter Sunday.


  • I might be more interested in Bin Laden’s death if the kingdom I serve involved taking joy over the death of someone.  Last I checked, it doesn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, the world is down one tyrant and there’s justice in that, but evil will never be conquered until the return of Christ.
  • Feeling spiritually weak.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Praying through the reasons and where God wants me to lean on Him more.
  • Reasons to hope the Indians’s success will continue:   bad division, solid pitching (start to finish), upgraded infield defense, and better offense including timely hitting so far.  Could be a good year for this team.
  • Six month review tomorrow for our foster care.
  • Thrilled for a friend’s safe return from a short term missions trip to China.
  • Really excited for the week ahead.
  • Ministry seems so diverse right now.  Lots of angles and perspectives. Lots of activity!
  • Parting Comment: Before judging someone, do your best to think about what it’s like to be in their shoes.

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